Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Day 2009 - We had a lot of fun. Took a few pictures. And, Cecelia opened everything in sight...her's or yours ;-)

Cecelia gets new boots from Grammy & Pops and Delaware gets 20" of snow....! (Dec 2009)

So, Grammy & Pops were getting Cecelia some new snow boots from Christmas. Well, we got 20" of snow almost a week before Christmas, so Cecelia got them early. She also had an opportunity to use them immediately. As you can see, she really likes them a lot.

Pre-Christmas Photo (Dec 2009)

Here are the girls in their christmas dresses all primped for the photo. Franchesca is sticking her toungue out as normal now days, as she is getting some teeth coming in now. Cecelia was doing a great job the whole session...especially with her "Big Ole Buck Deer" daddy asked her to hold. ;-)

Family Photo - Smith's House Lights (Dec 2009)

This was a very cold night. After a nice dinner with friends, we drove to the local Smith's House to see their lights. Every year this house gets more and more lights...even Santa was there this year, yet Cecelia & Franchesa were both scared.

Did someone say Bee Gees & Stayin Alive? (Dec 2009)

Here Cecelia (and Amanda) show off their dancing skills to the Bee Gees Stayin Alive. This is a fairly regular occurance with 'Dance Parties' after dinner, however, I happened to grab the camera this time. Franchesca is playing in her high-chair just enjoying the show. Check out the moves!

The Girls (Nov 2009)

Here is Cecelia riding 'Friendly The Horse' at Grammy & Pops house. Notice her new style which enables here to go faster ;-) Also, below is a picture of Franchesca enjoying the leaves in our backyard Fall 2009.

Franchesca...Halloween Flower (Oct 2009)

Here is Franchesca for Halloween 2009 as a flower. So cute!