Monday, April 20, 2009

First Dinner Delivered (4/16)

We got our first dinner delivered to us tonight. It was yummy, we had Chicken Fajitas, Spanish Rice, Cookies. Please find here a picture of the cookies that were made for us. Everything was wonderful...and very much appreciated! In addition to bringing a great meal, Craig & Julie also coordinated the delivery of meals via a really cool website ( that enables people to sign-up for nights they want, and put what they are planning to bring. Again, really cool...Thanks Guys!

Easter Egg Hunt with the Cousins (4/12)

Here are the cousins at our easter egg hunt. First is Cecelia with Giovanni. Then Lorenzo. And finally, Cecelia and Kestra.

Easter Egg Hunt (4/12)

Somebody had an easter egg hunt. Can you guess who? Yes, it is Cecelia. As you can see, whe had a great hunt. Said she is looking to take on the bunny next year. (something about: hop, hop, hop, bang) I do not know where she gets that from?

Easter 2009 Photograph! it is...the 2009 Easter Photograph! Yes, believe it or not, they actually sat still and smiled for a picture together. Now, I wonder if that will happen again next year...or, once they are teenagers? ;-)

Here is another Sisters picture (4/10)

Here is a great photo of Cecelia with her new sister.

Surprise from Daddy's team at work...(4/9)

So, Daddy was surprised on 4/9 by all 60 of his team members at work both in-person and via video conference presenting him with a card and a VERY generous gift card to Target for all of our baby needs. Thanks to all who contributed and made this happen. This was a very special time. Please find in this photo the card which the team that was on the video conference both made and then mailed to Daddy. This is a picture of Franchesca with her big card.

Gift from Daddy's work 4/8

Here is Cecelia & Franchesca opening a gift sent from Daddy's work to welcome in Franchesca. Wow, what a really nice basket full of goodies! There was all kinds of stuff from blankets to a stuffed animal to a great bib...all essential items with a new baby. Special thanks to Megan and Jeff, along with the rest of Daddy's team at work for sending this to us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Story Time with Daddy: 4/5

Here is Daddy with Cecelia and Franchesca reading a Curious George book on 4/5/2009. The new big sister wanted to share her love of reading with her new little sister.

Sisters 4/5

Well, do you think Cecelia is happy holding her new little sister? We did not know the sex of the baby all though the pregnancy, but Cecelia continually said, "No, I want a little sister." Now we know why. Here she is on 4/5/2009 holding her new baby sister with a nice big smile on her face.

Welcome Home: Mommy Close-up 4/5

Here is mommy on a close-up welcome home picture on 4/5/2009. It is hard to believe looking that good she just delivered a baby less than 48 hours prior. As you can see we had a mild early spring day to come home to this time.

Welcome Home! 4/5

Here we are arriving home with Franchesca on 4/5/2009.

Family Photo: 4/4

Here is a family photo taken on 4/4/2009 in the hospital. As you can see, everyone is happy and healthy.

Franchesca: Born 4/3

Well on 4/3/2009 we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl. She was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Please join us in celebrating our new arrival.