Monday, September 7, 2009

For You Viking Fans...Franchesca (7/26)

Here I used Cecelia's first 'Digital Camera' with some of the built-in digital pictures to frame a classic "Viking" photo when Franchesca was sleeping...some say not fair, others will enjoy it as a Viking's Fan, and others will say...GO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!

Franchesca's First Food (8/11)

Here is both Mommy & Cecelia feeding Franchesca her first food of baby's rice cereal.

Cecelia Pulling The Wagon with Neighbors Kids (8/5)

Here Cecelia is pulling her heart out, and loving every bit of it, as she plays with the her good friends next door.

Pictures of the Girls! (Various Dates: 8/2, 8/10, and 8/21)

Various pictures of the girls taken together throughout August 2009. Enjoy ;-)

Franchesca's first 'belly-laughs' video (8/1)

Here is one of Franchesca's first 'belly-laughs'...gotta love it!

Cecelia Riding A Deer (7/31)

Here is Cecelia on a 'Deer' trying to "Grab Life By The Horns"...little does she know (she actually does) it is a doe, and deer have Antlers, not horns. I guess that is why they call them "Daddy's Little Girl" sometimes.

Beach Pictures (7/26)

Here are pictures of Daddy, Franchesca, and Cecelia on the beach.

Daddy & Cecelia Gardening (7/19)

Here we are working in the backyard garden, doing some needed weeding and picking some radishes.

Daddy & Franchesca (7/4)

Daddy & Franchesca relaxing on the deck at the beach.

Fourth of July 2009 (7/4)

Here are the girls showing their Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July 2009.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Photo (5/16)

So, what the title (Family Photo) does not tell you is this was Daddy's first princess party. A matter of fact, Mommy was getting her haircut, and as a result Daddy needed to get Cecelia dressed and over to the party. The other thing to note, this was an 'all girls' pinkalicious party for a 3 year olds birthday...complete with 2 live ballerinas! Let's just say Daddy got a quick lesson on what it is going to be like raising 2 girls. But, I am somewhat sorry to say, it was a lot of fun! I did need to do some yard work afterwords just to recharge my manhood ;-) And, at the end of the day, we got a fun family photo.

What A Beautiful Quilt (5/16)

Four people from my work did something (or shall I say had somethine made) that was Very Special for Franchesca. They are: Shareen Stommes, Joleen Christiansen, Kim Fritzlar, Kristy Ward; all had Kristy's mom (Theresa Frazier) handmake a one-of-a-kind beautiful quilt for Franchesca. This was then shipped to us and arrived by surpise only to find this inside. Cecelia had to help open it and enjoyed playing in the box, and of course Daddy needed to get a picture of the girls on it. A very special thanks to my 4 colleagues at work for such a special gift and Theresa Frazier for someone I have never met, making such a beautiful quilt for my daughter. Should you be interested in having her do something for you she can be reached directly via email at and she maintains an eBay store at for your browsing pleasure. Thanks again to all!

Franchesca's 3 Blanket Photo Line-up

So, we could not choose which one of these we liked best. Each one offers an interesting expression, and a fun view into Franchesca's early personality. As a result, we have posted all 3 in the "Blanket Photo Line-up" and am asking you to choose the best one.

Mommy With The Girls (5/9)

Here are two great Mommy and the Girls pictures. One is sitting in our yard with the azaleas in full bloom, and the other is at Chuck E Cheese on the horse ride. Seems to be a lot of pink in both of these pictures...oh wait, there is some orange (hmm...wonder why?) in the one picture. Nice!

Nana With The Girls (5/6)

Here is Nana hanging out with Cecelia and Franchesca in the big Lazy-Boy (or shall we say Girl) chair. Nana and Doody had just picked up Cecelia from Daycare, and played over at the park for a while, then came by for a quick evening visit. Everyone is smiles...blanket is just covering Franchesca's mouth.

Grammy with Franchesca (5/4)

Grammy and Pops came over for least that was the excuse they used. Had a very nice meal and visit with the grand-daughters. This picture is of Grammy with Franchesca. Franchesca is about 1 month old here...and weighing 10 lbs!

Cecelia Riding Carnival Boat Ride (4/29)

Here is Cecelia enjoying a classic boat ride at the local St. Helena's carnival. Yes, it says, "United States Coast Guard" on the side. Who knows...she does have a love of water, boats, and all things marine. Looks like she is having a ball.

Cecelia Riding A Pony (4/26)

University of Delaware's Ag Day ( brought out the whole family. We bought some plants for the garden, got some good lunch, and even enjoyed a pony ride. As you can see, Cecelia fit right in and enjoyed it a lot.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Dinner Delivered (4/16)

We got our first dinner delivered to us tonight. It was yummy, we had Chicken Fajitas, Spanish Rice, Cookies. Please find here a picture of the cookies that were made for us. Everything was wonderful...and very much appreciated! In addition to bringing a great meal, Craig & Julie also coordinated the delivery of meals via a really cool website ( that enables people to sign-up for nights they want, and put what they are planning to bring. Again, really cool...Thanks Guys!

Easter Egg Hunt with the Cousins (4/12)

Here are the cousins at our easter egg hunt. First is Cecelia with Giovanni. Then Lorenzo. And finally, Cecelia and Kestra.

Easter Egg Hunt (4/12)

Somebody had an easter egg hunt. Can you guess who? Yes, it is Cecelia. As you can see, whe had a great hunt. Said she is looking to take on the bunny next year. (something about: hop, hop, hop, bang) I do not know where she gets that from?

Easter 2009 Photograph! it is...the 2009 Easter Photograph! Yes, believe it or not, they actually sat still and smiled for a picture together. Now, I wonder if that will happen again next year...or, once they are teenagers? ;-)

Here is another Sisters picture (4/10)

Here is a great photo of Cecelia with her new sister.

Surprise from Daddy's team at work...(4/9)

So, Daddy was surprised on 4/9 by all 60 of his team members at work both in-person and via video conference presenting him with a card and a VERY generous gift card to Target for all of our baby needs. Thanks to all who contributed and made this happen. This was a very special time. Please find in this photo the card which the team that was on the video conference both made and then mailed to Daddy. This is a picture of Franchesca with her big card.

Gift from Daddy's work 4/8

Here is Cecelia & Franchesca opening a gift sent from Daddy's work to welcome in Franchesca. Wow, what a really nice basket full of goodies! There was all kinds of stuff from blankets to a stuffed animal to a great bib...all essential items with a new baby. Special thanks to Megan and Jeff, along with the rest of Daddy's team at work for sending this to us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Story Time with Daddy: 4/5

Here is Daddy with Cecelia and Franchesca reading a Curious George book on 4/5/2009. The new big sister wanted to share her love of reading with her new little sister.

Sisters 4/5

Well, do you think Cecelia is happy holding her new little sister? We did not know the sex of the baby all though the pregnancy, but Cecelia continually said, "No, I want a little sister." Now we know why. Here she is on 4/5/2009 holding her new baby sister with a nice big smile on her face.

Welcome Home: Mommy Close-up 4/5

Here is mommy on a close-up welcome home picture on 4/5/2009. It is hard to believe looking that good she just delivered a baby less than 48 hours prior. As you can see we had a mild early spring day to come home to this time.

Welcome Home! 4/5

Here we are arriving home with Franchesca on 4/5/2009.

Family Photo: 4/4

Here is a family photo taken on 4/4/2009 in the hospital. As you can see, everyone is happy and healthy.

Franchesca: Born 4/3

Well on 4/3/2009 we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl. She was 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Please join us in celebrating our new arrival.