Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What A Beautiful Quilt (5/16)

Four people from my work did something (or shall I say had somethine made) that was Very Special for Franchesca. They are: Shareen Stommes, Joleen Christiansen, Kim Fritzlar, Kristy Ward; all had Kristy's mom (Theresa Frazier) handmake a one-of-a-kind beautiful quilt for Franchesca. This was then shipped to us and arrived by surpise only to find this inside. Cecelia had to help open it and enjoyed playing in the box, and of course Daddy needed to get a picture of the girls on it. A very special thanks to my 4 colleagues at work for such a special gift and Theresa Frazier for someone I have never met, making such a beautiful quilt for my daughter. Should you be interested in having her do something for you she can be reached directly via email at and she maintains an eBay store at for your browsing pleasure. Thanks again to all!

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